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Your Name Your Email Phone Eventdate Your Message Created
Diana 2057606825 2024-07-13 Hello! I called a few minutes ago to ask about prices for a birthday party next summer. Please call 205 7606825 instead of the other phone number. Mar-20-2023 18:09:16
Laken Calloway 2055447645 2024-10-26 Hi! My fiancé and I are starting to tour venues and we’d love to tour yours if you have any openings! We were thinking about getting married in October 2024. Thank you, Laken Calloway Mar-20-2023 15:03:56
Chandler Rosholt 5122916362 2023-08-05 Hi, I was wondering if I could get more information about your venue. We are looking to have a smaller wedding and I wanted to see if you had any available dates towards the end of July or beginning of August. Any information would be great! Thank you! Mar-19-2023 22:38:37
Chandler Rosholt 5122916362 2023-08-05 Hi, I was wondering if I could get more information about your venue. We are looking to have a smaller wedding and I wanted to see if you had any available dates towards the end of July or beginning of August. Any information would be great! Thank you! Mar-19-2023 22:38:35
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Morgan Dillard 256-466-3410 Hello, When I was scrolling across the internet and stumbled among your Cabin At The Lodge, I realized that this was it, this is where I had to have my wedding! This place in indescribably beautiful, just the pictures look my breath away! I can't even begin to think what it would look like with my friends & family there on my special day! I am in awe of this place honestly! If you would not mind to send me an email on some further details that would be absolutely amazing! We have not set a date yet, so your available dates would be great to know, along with just a little more information on the pricing and how everything works! Thank you so much, and I look forward to speaking to you!(: -Morgan Dillard. 03/14/2023 Mar-14-2023 15:36:37
Amber Williamson 2055228565 2023-10-04 Can we come see the place before and get a quote on how much it will be for the venue for the day Mar-12-2023 20:35:11
McKenna Babcock 2054529022 2023-10-14 Would love to hear your rates and availability. Thanks!! Mar-09-2023 21:01:42
Regina D Mangrum 3347828782 2023-08-26 I want a simple wedding 30 minutes to 45 minutes top don't need rehearsal. Just need someone to marry us. Probably less than 20 people at most 30 Mar-04-2023 00:06:00
Savannah L Fowler 2567963052 2023-09-02 Pricing for a wedding Mar-02-2023 16:20:10
Mike Adamson 7144228906 I'm interested in booking your venue for the partnership annual dinner Meeting of 200 guests for the month of MAY,2023 from 6pm to 9pm for one day. Kindly let us know the date you have available from 25th , 26th , 27th , 28th , 29th , MAY,2023 open date and time are flexible and also send us your menu with a cost per person so we can choose from it or your minimum spending.If you don;t provide food do let us know the cost of your venue rental per day You can as well send us customized Quotations for 200 guests for buffet or seated meals and an open bar for Beer and wine for approval. await your response. Regards Mike Adamson Bin Danu Group 4579 RAK Road,old Industrial Area Umm Al Quwain UAE +971 4 422 8902 Feb-23-2023 10:47:34
Benjamin Rose 2057213475 2023-09-30 What dates do you have available in September and October? Feb-19-2023 14:27:51
Brooke Williams 2055440102 2024-10-07 Hey! I'm looking for a venue for my wedding and I'm wanting to get some information on this one! I would like to get prices for a wedding of about 100 guest and it would be next year 2024 around the beginning of October. Feb-16-2023 03:16:32
Brittany Colburn 20527553 2023-10-14 Hey was trying to see if Oct 14 was still available please give me a call as soon as you can. Thank you. Feb-14-2023 15:07:59
Savannah L Fowler 2567963052 2023-11-30 What is your pricing for weddings Feb-14-2023 00:38:07
Tammy Plowman (205) 799-4873 2023-12-02 Date is not set yet. My daughter got engaged this past weekend and we are searching for a venue. She is hoping for a November/December wedding. Please send me price for rehearsal/ wedding package as well as available dates. Feb-06-2023 16:51:50
Carla McMorris 2055778417 2024-03-30 I am looking to tour your venue and a quote on wedding prices. Feb-06-2023 15:23:26
Kristina Frye 2055861408 2023-11-12 Hello, Do you have a price list / package list for your venue for a small wedding? Thank you in advance. Feb-02-2023 01:28:09
Alexis Davis 2563935114 2023-09-09 Our budget is $1,000. Do you have any options within that price range? Jan-30-2023 20:34:26
Katie 2398396150 Hello! We have not confirmed our wedding date but would love to learn more about the pricing options and date availability of your venue. We are planning to have about 30 guests and would also love to include our two dogs for our ceremony. Are you able to send over some pricing and package options? Jan-23-2023 21:16:57
Bryson Phillips 2054617652 2023-09-30 Hi me and my fiancé are wanting to go on a tour tomorrow and I’d like to do it on a Sunday rather than a Saturday. If we could tour it tomorrow which I see y’all are open we would very much love to!thank you ! Jan-21-2023 21:42:21
Kinsley 2568720001 2024-03-02 Jan-20-2023 14:39:50
Justin 2563854662 We’re interested in finding a time to view the venue. also to see what available days y’all have for a wedding. Jan-19-2023 17:00:42
Katelyn Williams 2054465618 2023-10-21 I was hoping to schedule a tour of your wedding venue. The date is flexible. Jan-17-2023 17:27:55
Alexandra Ethridge 2059077122 2024-04-20 Hi, I was wondering if I could get some more information on wedding packages ? Jan-12-2023 01:42:11
Breanna Newsome 2055041146 2023-04-01 I am looking for somewhere to host my baby shower with about 50-60 guests and would only need the rental for about 4 hours. April 1st is not a dead set date, but I would like to see if it is available that date or before and preferably on a Saturday. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Jan-10-2023 16:56:44
Brittany Haynes 2565909791 2023-09-16 I am wondering what all availability do you have for September 2023? Jan-10-2023 16:03:28
Raven Bowman 2566833312 2024-02-23 Hi! I’m wondering if you have availability on Feb 23 2024 and if you could give us an estimate for a wedding for about 50 people. Jan-07-2023 19:19:36
Madison 2566264581 2023-04-22 I’m interested in wedding package prices Jan-07-2023 15:31:43
Faith Cagle 2055700220 2024-03-16 Can you email me your pricing packages? Jan-06-2023 20:15:24
Matrika Beauchamp 2146683078 Hello! I am interested in you micro wedding packages. May I have information about the pricing and what it includes? Jan-04-2023 04:20:31
Ally Wilkes 8504972028 2023-10-03 Hi! I was wondering what dates are available for October 2023 Jan-04-2023 02:24:13
Amy c Gilliland 256-293-0052 2023-04-15 Please let me know if your venue is available this date and pricing. Thanks Jan-03-2023 16:14:46
Mallory Holmes 2055220068 2023-10-28 Wanted to check on availability, prices and packages Jan-01-2023 22:35:53
Aaron C. Smith 4234518634 2023-02-02 Credit card fees are a necessary evil, but they're getting out of control. Merchant fees have been on the rise for years, and show no sign of stopping. This increase eats into your profits and can make it hard to keep up with inflation. ReadyPay offers a suite of flexible solutions to help you eliminate payment processing expenses and increase customer happiness. With ReadyPay, you can take control of your business and stop paying credit card companies billions of dollars each year. May I give you more information? Wishing you Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year! Thank you for your time, Aaron C. Smith ReadyPay (423) 451-8634 Please respond with "Stop" to opt out. Dec-29-2022 23:41:07
Laramie Mitchell 6014056206 2023-05-06 Good afternoon, We love your venue and would love to know more. We are hoping to have a sunsrise wedding and brunch. We look forward to hearing back from you. Best, Mac and Laramie Dec-22-2022 21:44:15
sami brasher 2055771115 2023-10-21 Good evening. my name is sami and i came across your venue just a few days ago after getting engaged! if you guys offer it, i would love to come and take a walk through and ask a few questions i have. i hope to hear from you soon, thank you! Dec-20-2022 23:45:10
ASHLEY Nichole CLARK 2056147781 Hi! can I please get details on pricing if you have availability for september 16th 2023? Dec-19-2022 19:42:42
Mackenzie Vaughn 2565708346 2023-10-28 Hello, I was wondering what kind of packages are available? What is the absolute cheapest price to have a wedding here and what would that include? Thank you! Dec-19-2022 05:16:15
Ella Autrey 2517694834 2023-04-15 Hi! Just interested in your packages for weddings!? Dec-11-2022 19:38:26
Valerie Helms 2567272701 2023-09-23 Would like a price on the venue Dec-11-2022 14:58:07
Rick Plourde 2055798757 2022-12-05 Are you interested in receiving a professional janitorial or disinfection quote for your business? I’d like to provide a strategy that will take care of all your facility needs, along with excellent communication and customer service. Just send me a quick reply and I’d be happy to schedule a site visit and give you a complimentary, no-obligation quote. Regards, Rick Rick Plourde Executive System4 Facility Services (205) 579-8757 Respond with stop to optout. Dec-06-2022 10:57:52
Kim Beaver 2059606357 2023-04-15 Hey there, We’re looking to get married in April or May of 2023. I am looking for a place that is hopefully inclusive with options for catering and decor through the venue. I’d love to talk about pricing or what options you have. We would probably have around 75-80. Dec-05-2022 04:47:22
Lydia Mansfield 803-634-5038 2023-05-20 Do you have rental availability on May 20, 2023? This is for my daughter’s wedding. Dec-02-2022 03:19:04
Brianna Ashcraft 2052390056 2023-09-02 Hello! I am inquiring to see if you all have availability for a wedding on September 3,2023. I would also like to have more information on the wedding packages and pricing you all offer. Thanks! Dec-01-2022 00:03:41
Delaney 816-316-9625 2023-02-04 Hi, I was wondering if this location would be available for my wedding date of February 4, 2023. I was also hoping to get some quotes for having an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception. Thanks in advance! Nov-29-2022 23:59:10
BETHANY H LITTERAL 16155619946 2023-09-23 I am recently engaged, and I am interested in a September wedding. Could you please send me a pricing list and everything that is included. Thank You! Nov-25-2022 15:19:02
Peyton Vines 2057391840 Hi! I was wondering what availability you have in Dec for a tour of the venue? Thanks Peyton Nov-23-2022 05:57:35
Katie (678) 727-2976 2022-11-14 We just got engaged and our looking for our venue could you please send us a price list and availability for October and November 2023? Nov-14-2022 16:22:35
Peyton 2057391840 Hi, I don’t have a date set yet but was looking at around October or November. I was wondering what packages you have with prices and what’s included. Email is better for communication for me. Nov-13-2022 18:50:05
Justyne Couch 4706294998 2023-11-11 Hello! My fiancé and I are starting to plan our wedding, and love your venue. I would love to get some more information on what you offer, packages, and prices. Thank you! Nov-11-2022 21:07:45
Justyne Couch 470-629-4998 2023-11-11 Hello! my fiancé and are working on planning our special day, and came across your beautiful venue. WE would love to hear more about what you offer and the pricing. We look forward to hearing from you! Nov-11-2022 17:43:44
Justyne Couch 470-629-4998 2023-11-11 Hello! my fiancé and I are starting to plan our wedding for this coming fall. I would love some information about your venue and pricing. Thank you! Nov-10-2022 18:24:26
Abby Sargent 2055222557 2023-10-14 Hello I was wondering if you could send me some info on pricing please? Nov-08-2022 03:11:18
Kelsie Staats 13347302899 2023-09-23 I am interested in this venue and just have two questions. One is how much does this venue cost for around my wedding time frame and two does this location allow alcohol? Nov-05-2022 13:51:15
Lena Acord 559-761-7159 2023-11-11 Looking for a ceremony & reception wedding venue to accommodate around 50 people. I would prefer the lake side ceremony site. The date is flexible. Thank you. Nov-04-2022 23:33:36
Krystal Hand 205-283-8334 2023-10-13 Good afternoon, I'm writing to inquire about wedding package pricing and what all services are provided at your venue. At this time our guest list would be no more than 100 people. Thank you. Nov-03-2022 18:06:11
Rebecca Galloway 2566314639 2023-10-28 I would just like to get some information on your packaging prices for a wedding and any available dates for October 2023. Thanks. Nov-01-2022 14:14:18
Aubrey 25660035 2024-02-03 Just wanted to talk over some stuff thanks! Oct-28-2022 19:35:48
Kay Andersen 9132060374 2023-09-16 Hi, we are looking for an affordable, but also unique location to have our wedding and reception Fall 2023. We are flexible with date. Pricing and extra info would be helpful. Also give me a call anytime as well at 913-206-0374. Oct-28-2022 16:25:13
Elizabeth Halcomb 03030118263 2022-10-28 Hello sir, Do you need posts from my websites. we have lots of websites for guest posts. We can provide you do follow google index post from my websites, We can provide your writing and posting services if you want so. We need work. We will give you my best job, If you have any requirements, let me know what we do for you. Can I show you websites prices? I am waiting for your positive response. Best regards. Oct-28-2022 10:29:22
Rachel Ozley 2055425186 2023-10-07 Would it be possible to get a rough pricing estimate for a 60 person wedding and what that includes? Oct-19-2022 17:16:01
Mattie Bailey 7692369270 2023-01-07 Hi this is Mattie Bailey, I just got engaged this weekend to the absolute love of my life, Tristin Koehoorn. I am from Decatur MS and he is from Hartselle, AL. I found your place when looking for a venue and I am in love! Your place is stunning and is exactly what we were hoping to find. I would appreciate more information on wedding packages offered! Thanks so much!? Oct-16-2022 23:40:12
Katelyn Hoggle 2057228290 2023-01-21 I’m looking to have my wedding on the 21st of January and I’m looking into prices at places could yall send me prices please thank you all! Oct-11-2022 17:09:25
Terri Goolsby 205-317-1835 2022-12-03 We spoke on the telephone about the Tree house. I have looked at the pictures and this is perfect. How much to rent for 1 night and what is available in the months of November and December? Thanks much Terri Goolsby Oct-11-2022 10:37:44
Cloey Duncan 2055304751 2023-06-25 Oct-10-2022 15:38:03
Regina Evans 2053918928 Need a price list for a possible October wedding next year Oct-09-2022 18:19:41
Jamie Fitts 2053064411 2023-10-06 Hi, I wanted to get a quote for a wedding next October (date not secured). There will likely be 75-100 guests. We saw your venue online and thought it looked very cute. Thank you Oct-06-2022 18:28:10
Alyssa Whitaker 2056673626 2022-11-19 Needing a venue for wedding reception with less than 175 people. Oct-06-2022 13:54:42
Wendy Franklin 2059148399 2023-10-21 We have not sure of our exact date at this time. We know Oct of 2023. We would like to schedule an appointment to tour your venue. Oct-04-2022 17:57:14
William Patrick McGucken 2056130625 2024-05-25 Good Morning! I was reaching out to inquire about booking your venue for a wedding. My finacée and I had a few questions that we wanted to ask to make sure that this venue is right for our event. If it's possible to set up a time to call that would be wonderful! Thank you so much, and I hope you have a great day! Oct-04-2022 16:45:24
Sarah 2058734994 2023-05-27 Hello, I would like to know the pricing for the wedding venue packages. Thank you, sarah Oct-03-2022 11:20:54
Leah Stacey 2514878680 2023-11-04 Hey there, I’d like to see the prices of your wedding packages. Thanks! Sep-26-2022 20:53:38
Ashley Deweese 2054465141 2022-11-01 Hello, I’m looking for potential wedding venues. We are unsure about the date and would just like pricing to help decide. It will be a small intimate wedding with less than 20 people. Could you send me the info for different packages? Sep-26-2022 13:51:05
Kristi Cantrell 2564761562 2023-04-08 Interested in the pavilion only for my husbands 60 th bday bash. Even April 7th is a possibility. Friends from Bham and north Alabama will be coming. Sep-24-2022 23:59:43
Megan Sullivan 2056398840 2023-11-04 I would like to discuss pricing and possibly an appointment to come see it! Sep-23-2022 15:00:12
Megan Sullivan 2056398840 2023-11-04 I'd love to learn more about pricing and what is all included in the price. Sep-21-2022 19:03:51
Whitney Barber 2058631392 2023-04-29 Need a visit with my bridesmaids, I have tried to call but might have the wrong number Sep-21-2022 02:37:45
Abby McGee 20556577 We are just looking for pricing information please. We have not set a date yet. Sep-15-2022 01:49:43
Diana 2052667150 2023-03-25 Hello! I want prices for my wedding. Thank you Sep-12-2022 12:30:09
Katelen 2052857562 2022-11-11 Been trying to contact regarding availability and pricing . Please contact . Ty Sep-10-2022 21:19:27
Evelyn Phillips 6627363782 2023-06-03 Hi! I am interested in the venue for a wedding ceremony and reception! I would love to hear more about pricing and your availability for us to tour the space. Thanks! Evelyn Phillips Sep-08-2022 00:49:44
Shelby Burgess 2055720358 2023-03-11 Hello! My fiancé and I are looking for an intimate ceremony and reception location for a max of 50 guests. I’d love to here more about yalls location and packages! Thank you Sep-06-2022 15:46:38
Alexys Blanco 6197849390 2023-05-24 Hello, We want to do a forest-themed wedding. Our budget for the whole wedding is 10,000. Please let me know if our budget and date work for you. Thank you! Sep-06-2022 06:09:47
Evelyn Phillips 6627363782 2023-06-03 Hi! We love the venue and would like to talk about price. What are your hours and availability for us to tour the venue? Thanks! Sep-03-2022 17:44:10
Stacia 205-577-8549 Hi! I would like to schedule a tour please! Aug-31-2022 21:29:23
Mackenzie Steger 2052701328 2023-04-29 Hi. I wanted to inquire about availability and price. Aug-31-2022 03:31:55
Karson N Gossett 2056411564 2023-10-14 Hello this is Karson, my planed wedding date is Oct. 14th 2023 i would love to come view your venue and check out your prices! thank you! Aug-26-2022 07:37:29
Stacia 2055778549 2023-05-27 We are not set on a wedding date yet! I wanted to see what you have available in 2023 any time between spring and fall! Also what are your packages and prices? Aug-23-2022 13:40:18
Bri Fowler 2056411168 2024-11-20 Aug-23-2022 01:53:07
Anna Quentin 2054705015 2023-10-28 Could you please send me wedding venue pricing and any catering information you might be able to share? Aug-22-2022 19:08:17
Damion Huggins 2568228969 2023-03-19 How much would a wedding of 50 cost? Is your venue wheelchair accessible? Also, are open bars allowed? Aug-22-2022 14:45:02
Misty Haynes 2057175739 We have not set the date, but know it will not be during football season. We estimate no more than 75 attendees. What are your package prices, and what is included? Aug-10-2022 16:22:01
Danielle Hamner 2057237495 2022-10-14 I was interested if you had any elopement packages Aug-08-2022 22:01:11
Caige Carpentier 2567987267 2023-11-07 Me, my fiance, and my FMIL all want to come check out the venue and discuss package prices! A friend recommended us to you (: Aug-07-2022 17:39:46
Tammie 2565954548 2022-09-07 Hi, do you have anything for just a ceremony only? If so how much would it start at. Aug-06-2022 06:26:26
Rick Plourde 2055798759 2022-08-20 Hi! I'm in your area and would be happy to visit your business and submit a bid for your recurring weekly (or more) janitorial and disinfection needs. Would you like to compare pricing on your office cleaning service? I'd be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote on your facilities cleaning. Please simply respond and I will send next steps. Regards, Rick Rick Plourde Executive System4 Facility Services (205) 579-8759 Respond with stop to optout. Aug-05-2022 15:07:13
Rick Plourde 2055798759 2022-08-20 Hi! I'm in your area and would be happy to visit your business and submit a bid for your recurring weekly (or more) janitorial and disinfection needs. Would you like to compare pricing on your office cleaning service? I'd be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote on your facilities cleaning. Please simply respond and I will send next steps. Regards, Rick Rick Plourde Executive System4 Facility Services (205) 579-8759 Respond with stop to optout. Aug-05-2022 15:07:12
Hannah Holloway 12057602245 2023-10-14 Interested in touring and seeing what it would cost for my fiance and i to get married here! This place looks like exactly what i am wanting! Aug-03-2022 23:04:03
Allison Bailey 2562004544 2023-10-21 Looking for more information and schedule a tour Aug-02-2022 20:20:24
Alyssa Whitaker 2056673626 2022-09-04 Pricing for a small wedding/elopement - no more than 20 people, if that. Aug-01-2022 22:25:34
Tristene Cook 8159786667 2023-10-07 Interested in pricing for your wedding packages and options Jul-31-2022 12:41:02
Alexandra Kimbrell 2052607541 2022-08-17 Hello! My husband and I got married at the Cabin at the Lodge back on 8/17/13. 🙂 We used to come and stay each year on our anniversary. I wanted to reach out and see if you guys rent nights out for things like that, or do you just do weddings? Please email me back and let me know. Thank you! Ps. The property and upgrades looks amazing! Jul-29-2022 16:05:50
Riley Higginbotham 2512300618 2023-05-20 Hello! My fiance Kaitlin and I are trying to find a venue for our wedding next spring. We are interested in touring the venue and inquiring about pricing. Our wedding will be small and intimate - around 50-75 guests. I look forward to hearing from you all! Jul-24-2022 17:53:40
jodie harrison 2059134864 2022-10-22 My daughter is getting married and we would like to book a tour and receive more information. It will be small, less than 100 guest (50-75). Thank you, Jul-20-2022 13:23:06
Brittani (440) 622-4704 2022-11-05 Hello!! 🙂 Please provide pricing any any other information for your venue! Jul-19-2022 22:49:10
Yusuf Abu Hala +971588606642 2022-11-28 Hello, Inquiry We are FARAHAT & CO., Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are interested in booking your venue for a conference meeting based on 25 delegates. We would also be needing 25 rooms for all our attendees (if rooms are available). Month of Event : Nov/Dec. 2022 , two days Event mostly Monday and Tuesday. Time Duration: 12 noon to 3pm Kindly get back to us as soon as possible. We are waiting to read from you soon and we hope more business from our company. FARAHAT & CO. Level 18, Tower II Al Fattan Currency House Dubai, United Arab Emirates. TEL:- +971588606642 Yusuf Abu Hala Jul-19-2022 13:03:52
Michelle 3347076173 2023-09-24 Hi I’m looking around at different venues for my wedding and reception. Do you have a price package I can look at with all the information? Jul-19-2022 07:01:05
Sarah 2059552936 2024-03-02 Date is flexible. Would like to know more on wedding packages and pricing. Thanks! Jul-18-2022 20:12:25
Haley Thomas 2059360353 2023-04-22 Would like to make appointment to see venue Jul-14-2022 05:10:36
Danni Boles 2562262243 2023-04-01 Hi, I was looking to get prices for all of your different wedding packages? Thanks! Jul-11-2022 12:05:46
Kimber Merritt 2058105479 2023-03-25 I would just like to schedule a tour please! Thank you in advance! Jul-07-2022 20:57:43
Whitney Barber 2058631392 2023-04-29 The yellow brick road to the tree house has stolen my heart. I was reaching out for price info. Look forward to hearing from you, please call or email 🙂 Jul-07-2022 20:16:37
Jennifer 2568691040 2022-10-08 Looking to book a wedding for 50 to 60 guests… Jul-07-2022 17:23:02
Reanna Kessler 2053069662 2022-11-05 Would love to see about wedding packages! Jun-30-2022 03:38:09
Lana 2058735813 2023-10-14 I was wanting to take a tour of your beautiful location sometime next weekend if you guys are available on weekends Jun-29-2022 06:27:39
Tawny Day 2059449670 2023-03-25 Interested in getting pricing on wedding packages and scheduling a tour. Jun-26-2022 03:33:10
Grace Lindley 2564049629 Hi, we are looking for an alabama elopement venue just for myself, my fiance, and our daughter. I would love to get more pricing info. Thank you, Grace Lindley Jun-06-2022 23:45:03
Randall Manweiler 2059559777 My wife and I got married in March of 2020 and never had a wedding due to COVID. We are now planning a vow renewal so I can give my wife the wedding she has always dreamed of. We are interested in seeing the venue and getting some prices. Jun-05-2022 23:59:24
Abby Hawkins 2566561737 2023-05-20 Newly engaged beginning to look into venues and we would love to schedule a tour here and learn more of y'alls pricing! We are currently at a 75-100 person guest list depending on whether we add more or narrow it down a little, but I know we want to stay under 100 for sure. Please let me know when to schedule a tour or give me a call and we can set it up 🙂 May-26-2022 03:14:09
Ginny 2053322623 I’m interested in pricing for a very small ceremony only wedding for no more than 20 people. Thank May-18-2022 20:57:15
Katelyn 2059145349 2023-05-06 Hello! My fiancé and I were just looking to hopefully be able to tour the grounds and see if this location would be the best fit for us! We are both free this weekend, but can also try other dates (just hard to plan around my schedule right now). May-18-2022 19:18:38
Carolina 2565891188 2023-04-08 May-18-2022 19:18:26
Lindsey Nichols 2058781248 2023-09-03 Hey!!!! I know this is a long shot but my life has been super crazy!!! Me and Ian have worked things out, went to our pastor at our church and are doing good. We want to get married September 3rd of next year at the cabin at the lodge. I know we have paid our deposit there but I'm sure we have lost it. I tried to call there but didn't get an answer. What do you think I need to do or do you think we should find some where else? I am so sorry for any problems this may have caused. I promise I didn't plan on this happening but God had other plans and the timing wasn't right. Hope you understand. Thank you. May-17-2022 14:29:45
Hannah Bock 12566307603 2023-05-31 Hello, I'm very interested in booking your venue for my wedding. Our estimated wedding date is not yet set, and we are still debating on it, we would like to take your available dates into consideration. What are your wedding packages and pricing? May-15-2022 13:56:07
Jessica Shugart 3345951000 2022-07-23 looking for a small intimate place for less than 50 people no rehearsal just quick ceremony and reception area. May-09-2022 19:40:33
Rachael 2565725123 2022-10-29 Pricing May-07-2022 22:43:30
Chelsey 256565185555 I was just wanting to get quotes for a small wedding 50 or less people . No date yet May-07-2022 17:46:14
Justin Drake 7067567180 2023-10-28 Hello, my name is Justin, and I am reaching out to get information about your venue for a wedding. My fiancé and I have fallen in love with the pictures, and would love to schedule a Saturday to come visit and talk. May-05-2022 21:09:51
Rick Plourde 2055798759 2022-05-19 Hi! I'm in your area and would be happy to visit your business and submit a bid for your recurring weekly (or more) janitorial and disinfection needs. Would you like to compare pricing on your office cleaning service? I'd be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote on your facilities cleaning. Please simply respond and I will send next steps. Regards, Rick Rick Plourde Executive System4 Facility Services (205) 579-8759 Respond with stop to optout. May-05-2022 10:03:25
Mackenize 256-962-6360 2022-11-12 Hello, I was wondering do you have any openings this fall? If so how much? Thank you, Mackenize May-04-2022 19:13:22
Misty Davis 205-441-5326 2023-01-28 Before we pick a time to come tour your venue and because my husband works all the time. We are wanting to renew our vows and was wondering the price range you start at. Thank you! May-02-2022 19:37:53
Amanda Young 3343240706 2022-04-27 I have not yet set a date for my wedding and I am in the beginning stages of planning. I would just love to get a quote from you on prices, as well as a list of inclusions and things not included. Also, capacity. Just all the info that you can spare! Thanks so much for your time. Apr-27-2022 16:41:05
Adrianne Woodbridge 8327577288 My dates are flexible. I have about 35 guest or less. Looking for affordable packages. I would love to speak to someone about the options. Apr-22-2022 14:39:45
Blakely Outlaw 2054712343 2022-07-30 Hey! I would love to get more info and prices on the One Day Wedding Package. And if there is any availability in July or August. Apr-22-2022 13:01:21
Tina Smith 2056016699 2023-11-11 Can you give me prices? Helping my niece to find a venue. Apr-14-2022 02:51:05
Karli Eidson 2565533196 Good evening- My partner and I recently got engaged and were looking to tour venues and The Cabin at the Lodge was on our radar! We are wanting to tour 4/16 or 4/23 and did not know if it was appointment based. We look forward to hearing from you. Apr-12-2022 23:34:09
Elizabeth malone 2057033643 2023-10-06 I was wanting some pricing information please Apr-12-2022 13:54:31
Madeline Morris 2054792086 2022-09-17 Apr-05-2022 23:23:37
Hannah Roberts 205-602-7692 I was interested in pricing for this venue.. we are going to have 50 guest maximum; family only. We are flexible on the date.. just wanting around the October-November time frame. Thank you! Apr-03-2022 00:26:41
Teresa Powers 256-708-8045 2023-06-03 I need to know if you are available for a wedding on June 3, 2023. Mar-31-2022 20:14:43
Autumn Turner 2566168270 2023-12-03 Hi I am very interested in your wedding venue.. my name is Autumn Turner and I plan on getting married December 3 2023 and was wondering what your pricing is for the venue.. I’m going to have up to 60 people Mar-30-2022 22:10:48
Destiny 20523981 2022-10-15 Hi! I was wondering the pricing for the venue Mar-28-2022 20:37:32
LORRIN CUDNOHUFSKY DEBSUDS6@GMAIL.COM 256-527-4678 2022-10-25 Hello! I am interested in a quote for a weeding of approximately 45-50 guests for the 25th of October of this year. i plan to have no alcohol aside from a bottle of champagne for the bride and groom. It will be mostly adults with only 3-4 children attending. Mar-27-2022 09:05:39
Christy 2059660058 2022-09-18 Good morning. My daughter is newly engaged and exploring ideas. Could you send some information on your venue? She is thinking possibly fall and possibly ceremony only. Thank you! Christy Duckworth Mar-22-2022 12:16:24
Kaelyn 2053327990 2022-10-02 Hello, i am interested in holding a small wedding at your venue. The wedding would have 100 guests or less. Do you have availability on Sundays in October? What would the price be for the one-day package? Do you have ceremony and reception space available? Mar-21-2022 20:24:34
Courtney 9857135714 2022-06-16 Not sure on date, looking for elopement prices. Mar-20-2022 20:25:47
Michelle Duke Lindsey 2052376460 2022-03-13 I’m interested in your bed and breakfast Mar-17-2022 16:57:55
Sarah Harding 5709512573 2022-10-06 Hello! My name is Sarah Harding, owner of Documented by Sarah Photography, based out of Huntsville. I am planning a styled shoot open to photographers for this October (Date of Thursday, Oct 6 or Monday, Oct 10, or any available Saturdays you may have in the fall) pending based on vendor/venue availability. The styled shoot is a fall-themed that will include three shoots based around a Halloween wedding, as well as others including pumpkins and a fall couple shoot. When deciding a venue, we were looking for unique, rustic properties that will set the mood for the shoot as I think they are an ideal setting for a fall wedding. I think your venue would be the PERFECT location! The goal of my styled shoot is to help local photographers grow their portfolios with a popular media concept that might not be a wedding they typically capture in a regular season and allow local vendors to showcase their work for this unique opportunity! I can send an inspiration mood board for the shoot. Something that is of utmost importance to me is always respecting the venue and leaving it clean. We would love to use your venue if there is availability. The best way to reach me to discuss would be via email or via text at 570-951-2573. Thank you, Sarah Harding Documented by Sarah Photography Mar-16-2022 17:28:25
Leslie Williams 0877115237 2023-06-03 Hi, I am looking around for wedding venues for a small private wedding. I was wondering if you could give me a quote for a wedding of no more than 25 people. Could you also let me know if you do any packages which may include catering, flowers, etc. Any and all information would be much appreciated. Thank you, Leslie Williams P.S. Please only contact via email, my phone is an Irish phone number. Mar-12-2022 20:35:34
Alicia Smith 9016198924 2023-04-01 Hello, I’m recently engaged and interested in your venue hosting our wedding. We haven’t set a date yet in stone but are leaning toward the first of April 2023. Would you mind providing me with some information on what your venue offers in services, accommodations, and inclusions as well as your venue pricing, restrictions, and limitations? Looking forward to hearing from you, Alicia Smith and Kameko Maurx Mar-12-2022 18:21:08
Caleb Sanford 2058106672 we have not set a date at this time but we are looking at wedding venues and trying to decide on a date sometime in the fall of 2023 Mar-11-2022 07:04:56
Caleb Sanford 2058106672 Mar-11-2022 07:03:36
DEVIN MAYS 2052436518 2022-10-29 Hey there- just wanting to reach out and get some more info and pricing for a micro wedding. We just recently down sized and cancelled our original venue and want to have something small and intimate with maybe 10-20 guests (if that), I know it is a long shot requesting for that date, but it is our original date and we are up to changing if need be. We are flexible. Just would love to hear back. Thanks so much!! Mar-08-2022 22:54:18
Courtney Pate 2564994866 2023-09-23 Feb-26-2022 02:29:23
Molly Mead 9126746806 2022-12-03 Hi! My fiancé and I are interested in looking at potentially using your venue for our wedding. I’d like to speak to someone to learn more about it. Thank you! Feb-22-2022 15:57:56
Shelby Lyles 2052434302 2023-04-15 Hi, we are interested in setting up a tour of your venue. We do live past Tuscaloosa so it would be a little bit of a drive for us so a weekend time may be better if possible. Feb-22-2022 15:11:55
Michelle Barnes 2565030013 2022-09-24 Inquiring if you have any lodging on site for a wedding couple. Also how much it might be. My son and his fiancée have booked for this day but my inquiry is a secret. 😉 Thanks! Michelle Feb-19-2022 19:38:14
Layla Gilbert 2565058926 2022-10-08 Hey there! We’re looking for a venue and we love this one! Can I get some prices and possibly book a tour please? Feb-18-2022 21:49:06
rene beck 2569759749 2022-11-19 I’m reaching out again in hopes to know pricing packages for a reception for 35 people possibly less. My husband and I eloped back in 2017 so for our 5- year anniversary we’d like to have a reception. We want to celebrate with our family and have the experience we missed out on. I'm looking for any Saturday in either Oct, Nov or Dec 2022. looking forward to hearing from you. Feb-14-2022 17:38:46
Ian Bowie 919-609-3825 2023-10-14 I was wondering if I can get a quote for a wedding in the Fall of 2023 or 2024 with about 200 guests. Thank you so much! Feb-12-2022 22:32:44
Tobbie Stevens 8508263050 I am interested in gathering more information for a small wedding for a group of about 15 people. We are hoping for March or April of this year. Feb-10-2022 04:51:21
Allyson Hardman 9409239880 2023-10-21 Hi! I was wondering if I could get some information on your packages offered? Thank you! Feb-08-2022 09:26:14
Katie Cain 2053880700 2023-09-29 Hi, I would love to know some pricing with your packages! Email is best thanks so much. Jan-31-2022 19:50:25
Paola (205) 540-8294 2022-03-20 Bridal shower for 50 ppl Jan-27-2022 00:39:25
Christina Southerland 256-345-5038 2022-10-22 We are wanting to get more information about pricing and what all is included. And if available for 10/22/22 Jan-25-2022 00:59:00
Faulkner Matthew (205) 729-3693 2022-10-08 Good morning, I am emailing you all today wondering if you can send me information about y'all's wedding venue. It is very beautiful, we will have about 30 to 50 people. If you do not mind me asking what are the prices and everything y'all have to offer. Thank you so much! Matthew Faulkner Jan-24-2022 13:07:17
Mckenzie 2566168317 2023-03-04 Interested in getting info on wedding packages Jan-24-2022 08:39:03
Valarie Araujo 2052344979 We would love to tour your venue. We have not set our date yet but we are thinking October of this year. We are a non traditional couple who loves the outdoors and animals. We want an outdoor wedding with a few friends and family, less than 50 guest. Besides a beautiful location our other to priority is food. We love to eat! Please email with any information or dates to tour your venue. Thank you Jan-24-2022 05:35:56
Nyx Bell 2058862628 2022-10-08 We’re a pagan LGBT couple look for a loving and beautiful location to share our vows together with our closest friends Jan-19-2022 01:08:26
Shandalyn Mccloy (205) 918-3583 2022-10-08 Hi, I would like to get more information on your wedding packages. It would be a small wedding with no more 40 people including wedding party. We are looking at October 8th. Any information would be grateful. Thanks Jan-19-2022 01:03:25
Elayna 2563438083 2022-04-24 We are a lesbian couple looking for a small elopement package ! We love the gazebo, and we’re wondering how much it would be to rent it for a couple of hours. Jan-17-2022 21:42:58
Kurstin Williams 2053069979 2023-05-06 We are looking for a small intimate wedding less then 50 people is it possible to be sent a price/package list? Jan-16-2022 16:14:15
Valerie Gable 2565904217 Jan-15-2022 19:31:47
Christian 2566139116 2022-12-17 I’m interested in you’re pricing for you venue! Jan-15-2022 01:33:37
Taylor Boger 7703555396 2022-11-12 Hello, I’m looking into venues for my wedding (hoping for 11/12/22) and am trying to get more information/pricing of your two day package as well as availability for November. We are up in Huntsville and are hoping to stay close to home as well as have a memorable experience. We would love to hear from you, Thank you, Taylor Boger Jan-14-2022 19:44:33
Savannah Handel 2567466742 2023-05-21 Hello! My fiance and I live in Huntsville and are looking for a cabin venue for our wedding in May of 2023. We'd love info on pricing and we'd even love to come down there to check out the venue if appointments are available for tours. Thanks so much! Savannah Handel Jan-12-2022 04:45:55
Sara McCutcheon 2562891392 2022-01-13 Hi I recently got engaged and we have not yet picked a date o was wanting more information pricing. Thank you Jan-11-2022 22:41:56
Austin Blackwood 205-446-5737 2022-09-24 Jan-10-2022 03:44:27
Brooke Newton 2055147674 2022-05-07 Hi, my name is Brooke Newton. I would like to know the prices and packages you guys have. Thank you Jan-10-2022 02:29:28
Connie Betts 404-556-5146 2022-10-15 Good day, I'm looking for a wedding and reception venue for my daughter and her fiancé's wedding in October, Saturday except the 8th. She is expecting 120-150 guests. I'd like to schedule a tour if there is availability to book. If you will also share pricing and service details, I'd appreciate it. Thank you, Connie Betts Jan-09-2022 16:16:42
Alexa Mackiewicz 2512339095 2022-11-12 Hello this is Alexa I was inquiring about your two day wedding package. Please get back to me when u can thanks. Jan-09-2022 15:46:13
Tracy 2055335538 2023-05-27 Yes I was trying to find out packages and pricing for you wedding Jan-08-2022 23:26:14
Misty Huffstutler 2052854517 2022-11-19 I’m currently looking for a venue for my daughter’s wedding. Could you please send me a list of you packages. Thank you! Jan-07-2022 22:10:10
Amber McKinnes 2056842264 2022-07-16 Good evening, my fiancé and I wanted to inquire about your wedding venue package options and pricings. Jan-07-2022 02:36:53
Karah Welch 8324990300 2022-09-17 Hello! I am interested in booking this venue for my wedding of about 50 people in the month of September 2022. I would love to get more information on the venue, as well as check availability and pricing for this time frame. We would prefer Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, but we can be flexible on the date. We are planning on doing a ceremony only. Thank you! Jan-04-2022 13:49:44
Patricia Jones 2058622088 2022-09-24 Inquiring about a wedding party for about 75 people. Jan-04-2022 03:44:11
Gwendolyn 2565901567 2022-05-29 I need to set up a tour please Jan-02-2022 23:29:47
Jessica Finke 8599059565 2022-10-31 Jan-02-2022 15:35:59
Kelsey Vinsh 8508904864 2022-05-28 Hello! I am interested in your venue for my wedding. I wanted to see what price options are available for a Saturday. Thanks so much! Jan-02-2022 04:50:37
Julia Roganti 2054702847 2022-10-20 Hello, I was inquiring on pricing for the venue rental for 10/20/2022. What all packages you offer and if it was available for the selected date. Thank you. Jan-01-2022 18:03:12