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Your Name Your Email Phone Eventdate Your Message Created
Danielle Taylor 2058643717 2022-04-09 We are wanting to shoot for spring of 2022. Apr-14-2021 03:02:25
Destiny brand 2054355424 2021-10-23 I was interested in having my wedding there this October and wanted to see if it was available Apr-12-2021 16:04:20
Chrissy Clements 2562644899 2021-10-17 Hello we are checking to see if you have an open date for Oct 17th 2021 We are looking to do just one day for a wedding and possibly also renting the honeymoon suit over night. We seen the one day price online is $1700 is that still correct? There wasn’t a price listed for the honeymoon suit so if you can tell us the price for that as well that would be great. Thanks! Apr-12-2021 00:40:44
LaRae Ganger 4235573615 Good morning, I spoke to you this morning about your beautiful venue. You mentioned having three open dates this fall. I would love to know what those dates are. Regardless, we believe that your venue would be the perfect location for our special day. I think roughly, we would be expecting between 50-75 people. Also, we would love to come and tour everything in the near future, if your schedule allows it. I really appreciate you speaking with me this morning and the advice you gave. I look forward to hearing back from you. LaRae Ganger Apr-11-2021 15:13:12
Lindsey Robertson 2054332014 2022-09-10 Getting married on Sept 10, 2022 and we are interested in touring your venue! Thank you, Lindsey Robertson Apr-07-2021 11:50:28
Jessica 2057569980 2021-11-05 Me and my fiance are looking to get married on November 5,2021. We were trying to find out how much it would cost for the ceremony and reception Apr-04-2021 17:08:26
Taylor DeGeorge 2059198819 2022-05-28 My fiancé and I would love to come tour your venue. We are wanting to get married sometime in may 2022 and we think this could be the perfect fit for us. Apr-03-2021 04:03:49
Hayden 2056169870 2022-03-26 Mar-27-2021 13:20:29