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Your Name Your Email Phone Eventdate Your Message Created
Hope Yeager 2057461886 2022-10-01 Could I please get info about having a wedding there Sep-18-2021 15:15:34
Nicholas Mathews 2564199059 2022-11-05 I was wondering what your rates are. We are planning about 50 guests Sep-18-2021 14:30:38
Cathy Maple (205) 613-1946 2021-10-09 Seeking a venue with great atmosphere for a Gardendale High School Junior Class homecoming gathering. Emphasis on mingling, music and photos with friends. Well behaved students, attentive parents, clean playlist. Do you have availability Saturday, October 9th? Sep-15-2021 14:31:41
Emily Thompson 9016522093 2022-04-23 We would like to get some info on pricing and availability please. Sep-13-2021 00:49:07
Anastasia Kurtiak 407-620-1489 2022-10-15 Hello there! My name is Anastasia and my fiancé is Aaron. We were very interested in your venue for our big day and were hoping to schedule a tour to discuss more should the above date be available! Thank you for your time. Sep-08-2021 03:42:03
Jennifer Richards 2059131282 2022-03-19 Hey there! My fiancé and I, Nick Alexander, are looking for some more information on your property and hoping to come tour if that’s possible! Thanks! Sep-06-2021 22:51:17
Shirley Hamer 256-493-0171 2022-04-09 My daughter and I would like to tour your venue Tuesday if possible. We could come early enough to be finished by 10:30 or after 1:00 . She is off work that day. Their date is flexible but they want April 2022. Her name is Erin Hamer. With tomorrow being Labor Day I was not sure if you would answer a phone call so I decided to email tonight. Thank you! Shirley Sep-05-2021 23:55:40
Pam 2565583509 2023-04-22 Can you give pricing options for a wedding? Sep-03-2021 21:28:31
Heather Davis 2052750646 2022-10-29 I am looking for a venue for my wedding. WE want an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception if at all possible. Would you have our date free and how much would it cost? Sep-02-2021 09:09:42
Kayla 2058305324 2022-04-23 Hi there, I recently got engaged and would like pricing on your venue please. My mom lives a few houses up from your venue so she recommended me using you guys for my wedding! Call, text, or email me! Thank you! Best, Kayla Lee Aug-26-2021 01:39:15
Shirley Hamer 256-493-0171 2022-04-09 Date is flexible. I am mother of the bride. Could you give me the costs of renting the venue, probably for reception only, for 150 guests? Thank you! Aug-23-2021 22:32:47
Norma Holzhauer 2052968474 2021-11-13 We are looking to have reception only 60 guest November 6th or 13t or first or second Saturday in december Aug-23-2021 22:20:16
Krista 2057325732 2022-11-05 Hello I was wanting a quote on having our wedding at this venue Aug-23-2021 13:35:06
Christina McGill 2052342192 2022-10-22 Hello! My name is Christina. My fiancé’s name is Corbin. We wanted to see about coming to tour the venue soon. We are available August 30th from 3-8 p.m. and September 2nd from 4-8 p.m. Let me know if any of these dates and times work for you. We look forward to meeting you and seeing the venue. Aug-22-2021 18:20:41
Madison Burgess 2564786691 Hello, I was wondering if you had any available dates for a wedding in the rest of 2021 or spring 2022? Aug-20-2021 21:39:20
Jennifer Price (205) 842-2525 2021-09-03 Evening I’m the groom mom of the manly price wedding. We are wanting to use some tables for the rehearsal- do you have rectangular or is it just circle and how many do you have? Your place is beautiful and I can’t wait to see my son get married there Aug-12-2021 00:37:43
Toni Como 2054471490 2021-10-16 Wondering about availability and price for 60 guests including wedding party. Saturday October 16th 2021 Aug-11-2021 19:49:48
Hanna Richardson 2564433629 2022-04-23 I am recently engaged and am looking for a venue for the wedding reception. My fiance, David Krieger, and I are looking at dates between Feb-May of 22022.We are expecting to have a guest list that would be ~50 people. We are interested in getting more information about what all you offer including amenities,packages, etc. We would also like information on pricing and availability. We would be very interested in setting up an appointment to come tour. Aug-11-2021 01:11:48
Keila Kirkwood 2055181130 2022-04-15 My fiance and I would love to come view your venue sooner than later. Let me know when a good time is. We're so excited and love your place. Aug-08-2021 17:57:27
LaWanda Delgado 2055125579 2022-04-20 We are having a micro wedding with 25 or less people. We are interested in any packages you offer. Aug-07-2021 17:14:36
Regina Evans 6155421448 2021-10-16 Date unknown need prices Aug-04-2021 15:48:34
Zoe Hudson 2059108289 2022-11-12 I am interested to in having wedding here! I would love to come and visit! Aug-03-2021 16:14:53
Teresa Short 2059151153 2021-09-25 We would like to inquire about hosting a private party for 75-100 people. Please let me know if this space is available. Jul-28-2021 16:39:37
Madison Kimbler 2054353799 2022-10-23 I’m just wondering the price on your mini weddings or what all is included in the smaller wedding package Jul-23-2021 00:06:08
Alison Mason 4752289141 2022-07-09 Looking for wedding pricing Jul-22-2021 10:31:54
Kaylee 2054465339 2022-04-23 What are y’all’s elopement packages Jul-22-2021 01:53:41
Kelly Palmer 2059600866 2021-10-31 I was wondering if you have Sunday October 31st available for a wedding. Jul-21-2021 01:27:59
Camrie Latham 2059108668 2022-07-02 Hi! My name is Camrie Latham, me, my fiance, and our mothers came to visit this past Saturday (17th) and we fell in love. We were interested in booking the venue for July 2, 2022. Could you let us know how we should start the process and put our deposit down? Also, we were wondering if we would be able to make a second trip to the venue to take some pictures that would help with planning, as well as to ask some questions we had about the venue and process itself. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you! Best, Camrie Latham Jul-19-2021 15:28:43
Caleigh Jones 2055977869 2021-10-16 I would like a quote please Jul-16-2021 18:38:45
Riley Eidson 334-444-8974 2022-10-22 Hello! Is the venue open on 10/22/2022 for a wedding? Also, are y'all open to hosting a same sex wedding? Jul-13-2021 02:01:12
Christina Arteaga 4052407510 2022-11-05 Wedding date is flexible. I was want to get more information on your wedding package. Can alcohol be served? Can the wedding and reception be held here? Jul-11-2021 17:52:37
Chloe Moody 2052693131 2022-05-13 wedding/reception Jul-09-2021 17:36:17
Haylee Benson 2055225838 2022-11-12 Hello, I am messaging you in regards to seeing if you had any availability in the upcoming weeks for my Fiancé and I to come and look at your venue. We both work Thursday- Sunday so anything early would be perfect for us. Thank you so much in advance! Jul-08-2021 12:50:42
S Carver 3344011862 2021-09-17 looking for dates available between 9/17/21 - 10/8/21 for 40 guests Jul-08-2021 01:20:38
DaQunaika Smith 3343010661 2021-10-23 My fiance and I are planning to have small wedding with around 30 people. We are just inquiring about wedding/reception details. Jul-07-2021 19:43:16
Selena Rivas 2566892225 2022-03-05 Hello I’m Selena , I recently came across your website because my fiancé and I were looking for a forest type wedding and absolutely fell in love with everything y’all have to offer. I was wondering do y’all have an opening for March 5, 2022 ? And if so could we come take a tour and get more information Jul-01-2021 12:23:08
Bailey Blackmon 2056410924 2023-10-21 I would like to tour this venue. Jun-30-2021 01:45:20
Cailin Truhett 2053442065 2021-10-29 Hey! We are looking for a small ceremony- can you send me prices? Its more of an elopement! Jun-29-2021 12:44:49
Sarah Perry +12054528155 2021-11-06 Hello! I'm very interested in your venue and would love a tour. Please let me know if my wedding date is available, and if it would be possible to book for the whole weekend. Thank you so much for reading! Jun-29-2021 04:03:45
Dylan & Morgan Wilkie 3344530649 2022-02-18 Jun-25-2021 15:19:18
Carly Harris 2055009096 2022-06-04 Hey, I was wanting to schedule a time to come tour the venue and get pricing information tomorrow Friday 06/25/2021 Jun-24-2021 15:42:03
Camrie A Latham 2059108668 2022-07-02 Hi! I would love to get some more information about your beautiful venue! Would it be possible to set up a tour for sometime in July? Thank you! Camrie Jun-21-2021 18:11:48
Skylar Wallace (205) 765-7755 2022-03-26 Hi there! i’m interested in booking your venue for my wedding in March if available. can you please send me pricing and what all is/is not included? thank you! Jun-09-2021 13:58:47
Shannon Carter 2059150762 2021-11-06 Hi! Our wedding date is not actually set, we are open to being flexible. We would love to get more information on your wedding packages and possibly tour your lovely venue. Thanks so much! Jun-05-2021 01:05:03
Kasey Brown 2566775379 2022-06-25 Jun-02-2021 09:32:09
Emily garrisonemily66@gmail.con 2567364046 2021-10-24 Inquiring to see if there were any Available 2021 dates in October or November- weekend. For the gazebo. Thank you Jun-01-2021 17:58:06
Jessica Golden 2053701123 2021-10-08 Do you guys have an elopement package? Jun-01-2021 16:07:34
Payton 3343152477 2022-02-12 I am a wedding planner and one of my brides would like to come up and tour your venue. She has not set a exact date yet but is open for any Saturday in Feb or Jan. May-28-2021 17:29:28
Destiny Handley 2052990032 2022-11-06 I love y’all’s venue and was wondering about pricing! Also, can you also have a reception and is it an extra price? Thank you in advance. May-27-2021 19:52:09
Austin Pearson 2052724370 2022-07-30 I seen the option for a micro wedding. I was just wondering what all that package came with. Me and my fiancé are looking for a place to get married. We are gonna have the reception else where but we are trying to find a beautiful place to tie the knot. Thank you in advance! May-26-2021 16:14:03
Austin Pearson 2052724370 2022-07-30 I seen the option for a micro wedding. I was just wondering what all that package came with. Me and my fiancé are looking for a place to get married. We are gonna have the reception else where but we are trying to find a beautiful place to tie the knot. Thank you in advance! May-26-2021 16:14:03