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Pamela Allison 4058185385 2020-11-07 We are looking for a venue for a small-no more than 20 people-wedding on this November 7th, 2020. We would like a small reception to follow for a basic first dance and simple cake cutting as well. Please let us know if you have anything available on this date. Thank You, Pam Oct-21-2020 20:59:24
Emily Strobaugh 7347093830 2021-10-23 Hi! My fiancé and I are interested in viewing the property for an October wedding in 2021. Do you have availability for an appointment on 10/30/2 in the late morning? Oct-21-2020 15:04:31
Kim Merriman 2567099734 2021-04-03 We would like see the venue and discuss having our event here! Oct-21-2020 02:18:25
Danielle Adamek 2569986406 Hi! I’m looking for pricing for a ~100 guest wedding in April. Saturday preferred. Thanks! Oct-17-2020 04:57:50
Nathan Wunderlich 2054519230 2021-12-18 We would like to take a look at the venue and go over the different packages. packages Oct-15-2020 18:40:58
Sandra Fields 205-405-1409 2021-09-26 Hey, I would like to hear all of your pricing packages for a wedding. Thanks! Oct-15-2020 18:37:18
Maegan Gossett 2055408562 2021-06-26 Hey I’ve been trying to get in contact with y’all I booked the venue for June and I need to know how much I have left to pay on it and when it’s due? Oct-15-2020 15:05:47
Hannah Posey 2563456727 2021-10-16 Hello, I am looking for pricing for our wedding. Thank you! Oct-12-2020 20:10:30
Alyssa Swafford 2566409432 2021-11-27 Hey I was recommended to contact you for a small event! I’d like to rent a cabin for a weekend in mid/late 2021 for my wedding. It’s backyard style with less than 30 people anticipated to be invited. The majority of the people would commute or stay in hotels, but would be at the cabin for the ceremony and reception (just a modest family dinner). Is this something that would be possible at your location? If so, what info can you give me? Oct-11-2020 02:02:19
Megan 2054202129 2021-10-02 Hi, I plan on getting married next October my date is not set in stone so we are flexible but preferably early October. Oct-07-2020 14:09:55
Stephen Caldwell nsc49* 251-591-0769 2021-01-01 Hello, My fiance and I are planning our wedding for either the new years 2021 time or potentially october of 2021. We are planning on touring some venues around Birmingham this Saturday the 10th. Do you have availability either on January 1st or 2nd, or a Saturday in October of 2021? If so, can we schedule a tour for this saturday? Thanks, Stephen Oct-05-2020 16:14:16
Reagan Morton 2056756451 2022-04-16 Hi, I am wanting some price on a two day wedding package. It would be Friday (rehearsal) and Saturday ( ceremony & reception). I also would like to know what is included in the packages. We will have about 100 guest. Oct-02-2020 13:22:02
Carleigh 3345180230 Hi, Me and my fiancé are looking at wedding venues to have our wedding at in March. Do you have any availability then? Sep-28-2020 20:26:38
Allie Surrett 2059105775 2020-04-24 I see where it says all inclusive, but do you have vendors for finger foods at the reception? Sep-23-2020 14:18:09
Kayse Brown 2054353520 2020-12-31 Hello, I would like to get prices to hold a wedding on New Years Eve 2020. Thanks, Kayse Brown Sep-21-2020 12:34:54
Katie Beth Burnett keburnett13@gmail.ccom 2565052212 2021-11-14 Hi! I recently got engaged this past weekend and am beginning to look at venues. Your venue is gorgeous! Were not set on a date yet, just Fall 2021. I was wondering if you had a price list?? Sep-17-2020 22:36:52
JENNIFER FERGUSON 2056161100 2021-03-20 Looking to accommodate approximately 100 guests for my daughter's wedding. Is catering on site? Would like to set up a tour. Sep-16-2020 18:33:33
Jennifer Ferguson 2056161100 2021-03-20 Looking for a wedding venue to accommodate approximately 100guests. Is catering on site?. Sep-14-2020 23:08:15
Alyx Freeman 2057577824 2021-10-16 My fiance and I are venue shopping due to an abrupt change in plans. I was hoping I could get some more info regarding pricing. Also, I was wondering if y'all allow same sex weddings. We are a same sex couple so I like to ask up front. I look forward to hearing from you! Sep-11-2020 17:43:11
Mary Fulton 2052183966 2021-02-21 Hi, I am in the very beginning stages of planning a very small elopement. I was wondering if you guys offered an elopement package, or if you could tell me a little about your pricing. My preferred contact is email, and that is Sep-11-2020 14:13:21
Elizabeth A Curry LIZCURRY5@AOL.COM 2052296309 I am the grooms mother we are looking for a Wedding Venue for about 200 guests. A firm date has not been set, but somewhere between November 2020 and April 2021. Is there inside and outside seating? Is there a reception area? Can food and drinks/alcohol be served? Sep-09-2020 19:35:27
Sydney Blackwell 2055039733 2020-10-16 Hi, I’m interested in having a reception at the Patio and would love some information on pricing and availability. The location seems great for us. Sep-07-2020 03:03:51
Jana Jones 2052371487 2020-10-17 We are looking for a place to have just a reception. Sep-05-2020 21:26:06
Charliene Ondeck 8035283469 Hi there! I'm a wedding planner new to the area and I would love to tour your venue in order to refer it to my clients. Would you happen to be available for tours after 5pm on weekdays or anytime on the weekend? Sep-02-2020 17:20:39
Dylan Mills 2059033327 2021-10-09 Hi! We’re getting married next year and looking at venues! We are interested in yours, are y’all booked that day? Aug-29-2020 12:30:03
Maliea 2564531462 2021-08-21 I wouls like to,hear about your packages and pricing please Aug-28-2020 01:51:43
Tomi Carter 2564909084 2020-11-14 Do you have 2020 dates available ? Also, can you send me pricing information Aug-27-2020 16:47:00
Tammy Creasy 2565414374 2020-09-06 We are looking for a smoky mountain feel kind of small, intimate wedding ! We want to share the special Day With only close family. 20 guest MAX. Aug-27-2020 04:33:00
Ashley Wood 2054614121 2020-12-20 Good Morning, Do you have any sundays open in December 2020? Aug-25-2020 16:03:49
cheryl thompson 2059088139 I just wanted to get prices just to see what I maybe looking out in the future and start saving up, I would love a small wedding because this is my 2nd my boyfriends 3. Nothings real fancy but nice and different. The reception is the part we want to be fun. thinking karaoke or something. Do you have a payment plan? Thank you so much:) Aug-24-2020 20:22:33
Cydney Anderson 7122425570 2021-11-11 Hello! My fiancé and I are looking for a wedding venue for our 11/11/2021 ceremony. I am wondering if we can talk some information and prices? Thank you, Cydney Anderson Aug-22-2020 02:46:36
Lani Bush 12568746299 2020-10-24 Hi, My niece, Marissa Hicks, is getting married at your venue on Oct 24. She lives in Mobile and I live in Cullman. I am wondering if it is okay if I stop by on Friday around 1 or 2 pm to take a few measurements. We are trying to finalize some decorating and catering plans and I need to take a few pics and take a few measurements. I should only be there for 10 minutes or so. If that is not a goof day, I can stop by on Monday morning around 10. Thank you so much. We are looking forward to her event! Lani Bush 256-874-6299 Aug-19-2020 14:58:19
Stephanie Delayne League 2055684991 2022-01-22 Hello! We are interested in coming to tour your venue. We are interested in using it for my Wedding in January 2022. Please contact me at or (205)-568-4991 Aug-19-2020 03:05:17
Debbie Gray 2565066273 2020-12-19 Date is flexible, we are currently living in las vegas, nv but we want t have a ceremony back in alabama while we are home for the holidays. We are SUPER interested in the micro-wedding. Please email me more information! Aug-16-2020 20:19:05
Tiffany Addie 3345319926 2021-03-20 I was interested in your venue for my wedding and was wondering what packages yall offer! Look forward to hearing back from you! Aug-14-2020 18:56:12
Brittan Gilmore 2057686297 2020-08-26 Good morning, I work for Guideway Care and we are looking to hold a training on August 26, 27, and 28th for roughly 30 people. Would your venue be able to accommodate us, if so, what is your pricing? Aug-13-2020 14:13:42
Stephelia Hall 2053000001 2020-11-07 Looking for event for my wife’s 50th birthday for approximately 50-60 people will have food and alcohol and looking for November 6th or 7th or October 30th. Can you let me know prices and availability? Aug-11-2020 23:14:45
Taylor Kenerley 2057223685 2021-08-21 I am looking for wedding venues and would like to get some prices and availabilities. Aug-11-2020 03:13:15
Haley Kisenba 2053537047 2021-03-10 I’m inquiring about available March and October 2021. Could you please send me pricing and availability? Thank you. Aug-11-2020 00:44:16
Haley Kisenba 2053537047 2021-03-10 I’m inquiring about available March and October 2021. Could you please send me pricing and availability? Thank you. Aug-11-2020 00:44:14
Sarah Perry 2054528155 2021-07-24 I am inquiring about costs for telling your facilities on the previously stated date. Aug-08-2020 11:36:34
Amy Montgomery 2563665039 2020-09-20 Aug-08-2020 02:03:34
Miranda Dunn 3035484996 2020-10-03 Hello, there. I am inquiring to see your prices and availability. My fiancee and I have postponed our wedding to October 3rd from April due to Corona Virus only to be informed that our previously booked venue will still be closed due to the pandemic. Thus we are in something of a rush to find something on short notice. We are looking to have between 75-100 guests. If you could send any information you might have about pricing/packages and any dates near or/around October 3rd that would be wonderful. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. -Miranda Dunn Aug-07-2020 17:58:53
lori mccoy 2567594402 2020-08-28 Do you rent for 1 night on the weekends? Not a wedding. Aug-04-2020 17:50:56
Becki Goodwin 2055227585 2020-10-10 Is this date available? Aug-02-2020 15:57:00
Sandy Clayton 2054541780 2020-11-14 Hello! Interested in your venue for my Daughter’s wedding?checking on prices and availability! Thank you. Sandy 205-454-1780 Jul-29-2020 14:00:08
Haleigh Sharp 2563189282 2021-07-24 Hello was inquiring about having a micro wedding at your location. Thank you in advancd! Jul-29-2020 11:41:44
Jennifer 7722672332 2021-09-25 Hey there!! Highly interested in your wedding venue . Any available times this weekend to tour ? We’re looking for a 2021 sept wedding Jul-25-2020 05:44:12
Sydney Watson 2054175026 2020-10-17 Hi there, do you still have October 17,2020 available and if so could you send me pricing information? Jul-23-2020 02:47:08
Lisa Marie Fuchs 2565903315 2021-04-24 Can you tell me about your packages for wedding receptions please. Approximate time would be 3pm-10pm. Thank you Jul-22-2020 23:15:32
Sara Nash 2054782033 2021-09-18 Hello, i am interested in renting this venue in about a year. I have several questions and can be contacted via call, text or email. Looking forward to hearing from you. -Sara Jul-21-2020 03:23:24
Josie Garrard 2565046354 2020-07-18 Good morning, I was curious as to know if you host same sex weddings. Just wanted to ask before wasting time in touring the grounds. Thank you so much! Beautiful venue! Jul-18-2020 06:50:52
Kara Winkler 7069795010 2020-10-11 Interested in a very small (Groom and Bride) along with children for getting a wedding. Could you please send me information. (Elopement) Thank you. Jul-17-2020 02:33:05
Tiffany Chaney 9045373420 2020-09-18 Hi! I was wondering what available dates Your venue has for the months of September and October of 2020. Jul-13-2020 20:17:35
Kemberly Hodges 2057541622 2021-03-13 We are wanting a small simple wedding g with a n average of 30 people. Thank u I would love more info Jul-11-2020 23:21:22
Anna Marie Hill 2055407955 2021-01-10 Hi there! I wanted to inquire about what our options would be for renting your space for our January wedding! We are looking at dates in early to mid January. We are looking to have about 50 guests. I would love some more information about your pricing packages. I look forward to hearing from you! Anna Marie Hill Jul-09-2020 17:47:00
Jessica Simmons 2567782659 2020-12-27 Pricing and availability? Son and daughter will be home for leave (Marines) Jul-09-2020 11:18:01
Alline Tucker 2052130376 2020-10-17 Can you give me the cost, what all it includes; and if you have October 17th available. Jul-01-2020 13:01:02
Sarah Catherine Jones 3344144052 2020-11-21 Hi, my name is Sarah Catherine. I am trying to price some venues for my upcoming wedding. We are wanting to get married on either Nov 21., 2020 or Jan. 23, 2021. We are expecting around 90-100 guest and would prefer indoor type areas with the weather conditions in AL being bipolar, but are not opposed to outdoor covered (if not too cold). We know with the current COVID restrictions we have to be more flexible. Thank you for any and all information you are able to give us. Jul-01-2020 05:20:00
Bridgette 2565655271 2020-11-14 Jun-28-2020 20:49:31
Tiffaney Ausborn 2055412273 2021-04-11 I’m interested in doing a small wedding for 50 people or fewer on a Sunday in April. Jun-26-2020 16:46:57
Harlie Vines 2562834716 2021-03-20 Hello! I am interested in receiving more information about prices and what is included. I would also love to schedule a tour! Thank you. Jun-24-2020 12:53:19
Kelly Lansden 2053810024 2021-03-20 Hi, my partner and I are looking for a venue for our wedding ceremony and reception. We expect around 60 guests and have planned to get married on 3/20/2020. Any information you could send me on your availability and pricing/packages would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Jun-17-2020 21:08:00
Amy Cox 2055868522 2020-10-31 I am interested in renting your venue for my wedding and reception can you please provide me some info Jun-16-2020 23:57:51
Jennifer McCartney 256-507-0589 2020-10-03 Can you please tell me how much your cheapest wedding package is? My husband and I are already married as of Valentine's Day but we want to have a small ceremony and not pay a fortune. Thanks! Jun-13-2020 12:52:15
Julia Vialpando 2083710321 2021-05-22 Jun-13-2020 01:09:48
Hayley Norwood 2054108861 2021-03-21 I am just reaching out to see if your venue is available for March 21st, 2021? If so, can you send me pricing and details? My guest list is around 135 people. Also, what is your alcohol policy? Thanks in advance. Jun-10-2020 17:07:03
Alexandria Lang 2282172308 2021-06-12 hello, I was wondering how much will it cost to book this venue on June 12th, 2021. Jun-02-2020 16:16:13
Yasmine Hastings 2053629368 2021-02-21 Interested in more info and pricing please. Email is best form of contact Thanks so much Jun-02-2020 15:04:44
Becky Ross 2052756534 I see your venue prices for the micro weddings. I am interested in the 2 day event with a larger group of 100. Can you email me the package price? Her date has not been set at this time. Only the month Thanks Mother of the Bride Jun-02-2020 14:15:52
Paul Richardson 2054015593 2020-07-19 Interested in a 1 day micro wedding in your treehouse venue. May-31-2020 05:03:29
Heather Suchey Coleman 2058345406 2020-11-01 Not 100% about the date but do you have reception only pricing? May-27-2020 23:12:22
Haley Lynn 2567270863 2020-08-29 Just wanting info on pricing. Also wanting to know availability for the month of August. May-25-2020 13:20:10
Sara 2483699972 2020-08-08 Hello. I’m just wondering what dates you have available for 2020. Thank you! May-23-2020 17:05:00
Maegen Writesman 2055776079 2022-05-10 Hi, I was wondering if I could get an estimate on a price to book this venue for a wedding. I'm getting a big head start and the date I provieded is not 100%, its just the general time of the year we'd want to have the wedding in 2022. We are not sure on number of people yet, but I'm guessing kind of close to 60. Thank you! May-21-2020 15:35:24
Jessi Patterson I would love to tour the camp, & Get a few rates. The setting is ideal for my wedding! Thank you for your time. May-19-2020 16:51:56
Angie Armstrong Bartlett 2020-10-01 I’d B like to coke by and look at the place and get a quote. We’re looking at an October wedding. May-19-2020 16:51:22